Social media takes a lot of work and planning. Its become almost a requirement for most businesses today because it offers a great way to stay in touch with your customers, and keep your brand in front of their eyes. Do you feel like your not getting enough out of it? Its certain that a business’s main goal of social media should be to create a good return on investment. In this article I’ll be pointing out 5 things you can do to boost social media ROI. 

1. Find the right platforms

Not all platforms are created equal, therefore it makes sense that not all platforms are for everyone. Depending on your industry, maybe Twitter or Instagram may not be the right platform for you. It all depends on your target audience, by knowing where their hanging out online, you’ll know where you need to be. Make sure you do enough research to know which platform your target audience uses. Once you know that, you’ll know where to spend more of your time.

2. If your using Facebook, bust out your wallet

If your using Facebook…well, you better be using Facebook (the largest social network); get ready to bust out your wallet. Forget the times of free social media. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Facebook drastically cutting down organic reach. This means the days where you would post something and everyone would see it are long gone. Do some research and learn a little about advertising on Facebook and start promoting your posts so more of your audience can see them. This sounds expensive right? Really its not, you can get started for as little as $1 a day.

3. Cross promote

You’re missing out if your not cross promoting. Make sure you ask your Instagram followers to like your Facebook, your Twitter followers to follow your Google +, vice versa, and so on… Just don’t be annoying with it! I repeat DON’T BE ANNOYING WITH IT. A couple times a month is good, don’t go out every day asking your followers to like your other social media accounts too, that could lead to an annoyed audience and lost followers.

4. Use Call-to-action

Make sure your using enough call to actions in your posts. Just like the previous one, don’t get annoying with it but make sure your using enough. Thats obviously what you want right? The whole point of this is to be able to get people to order online, contact you, buy something, or whatever it is you need; so make sure you ask for it. Facebook recently added a call to action button to pages, make sure you have that set up; you can even measure the results in Facebook Insights.

5. Measure your results

Make sure your measuring your results. There are tons of tools out there that offer social media analytics, make sure your using something to track your results and manage your data. My favorite is Google Analytics to track social media’s impact on your website. Also make sure your looking at the data in Facebook insights, Google My Business/Google +, and Twitter. Another great way to track call to action link clicks is using a url shortener like bitly.

Thanks for reading this article. See more articles like this one on our blog. Feel free to leave a comment with any questions. Thanks 🙂